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Seattle ranks third largest homeless population in the United States

In King County, 2300+ are individuals in families with children living in their cars, tent cities, encampments and/or shelters. To make matters worse, families express they are struggling to meet the basic needs of their children. Join our mission to change that.


Join our community of volunteers to help bring basic necessities to children in need.


100 percent of your money brings basic necessities that directly benefit a child in your community.

Spread the Word

Rally your friends and family to fundraise and shine a light on the basic needs gap.

Babies of Homelessness is a non-profit organization, a crisis response team, delivering basic necessities to families with children experiencing homelessness in the Puget Sound. Our goal is to remove the stigma “homelessness” carries, by shedding light on the hardest-to-reach and least visible segment of the homeless population.

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What our supporters say



Client and Mother

"It's agencies like Babies of Homelessness that give people hope and take a lot of stress away. I wish there were more agencies like yours but there's not because you're truly one of a kind."




"I believe in Babies of Homelessness' hyperlocal mission and trust in their stewardship to fill the gap in services for our most vulnerable neighbors. I know where my donations go and what they go towards and as a parent, I know how necessary these donations are. I'm proud of the work BoH does to support families in our community."



Case Manager, New Bethlehem Day Center

"One of the really good things about Babies of Homelessness that they do is they meet the families out in the community."

In Need of Help?

Dial (866) 442-6443, leave a voicemail and a volunteer will return your call within 24 hours.