Babies of Homelessness is a low barrier volunteer crisis response team. We identify vulnerable children in the community and deliver life-saving essentials within hours to babies and children living in cars, homeless encampments and shelters. Our goal is to shed light on an issue that is too often hidden from the public’s view. Our Story As a child who experienced homelessness and shelters growing up,


Babies of Homelessness founder Star Lalario, is very passionate about homelessness in Seattle. Star has been an active volunteer at women and children’s shelters throughout Seattle as well as part of volunteer team at the Union Gospel Search and Rescue Mission. One evening Star heard a news story of a two-year-old little girl found in a homeless encampment eating stale old doughnuts off the ground The baby was found with a 2-day soiled diaper, fungus infected toenails and no parental supervision present. Star was compelled to act and do something! Knowing that children at such a young age are not capable of protecting themselves nor are they capable of walking out of unsafe environments, Star founded Babies of Homelessness in 2016 to shed light on an issue that is all too often hidden from public view. Star realized while Seattle is abundant with social services geared to helping the homeless, there are very few (if any) organizations catered to serving the needs of babies and children who are homeless.