Babies of Homelessness is an emergency/crisis response team. We are 100% volunteer-based and funded solely on donations.

BOH was created to raise awareness of the innocent babies who, through no fault of their own, are the victims of homelessness! Going through the struggles of surviving with their parent(s), their basic physical needs—food, clothing, and medical care—are often woefully unmet. The children we assist are often living in homeless encampments, cars and RV’s or bouncing from shelter to shelter. I’ve seen homeless moms and dads struggling to care for their babies but without a clear path or the resources to do so. I’ve also seen abused and neglected babies living in deplorable environments surrounded by mentally unstable and drug addicted adults.

I have always been aware of the efforts to address the “homeless youth crisis,” typically raising awareness for children, ages 12-18yrs old. These preteens to young adults have many resources geared towards them specifically. My goal is to raise awareness and help the babies and the toddlers who are often hidden from society by parents who desperately need help, but fear they could lose their children if Child Protective Services (CPS) deems them unable to care for their children.

As a child who experienced homelessness and shelters growing up, this population has always been very close to my heart. I have been an active participant in volunteering at Women & Children Shelters for years. But a news story of a 2 year old little girl found eating old doughnuts off the ground, with a presumed 2+ day soiled diaper, fungus infected toenails at a homeless encampment, enraged me! Children at this age are not capable of protecting themselves, not capable of walking out of a vile, unsafe area and seeking help. So I began by preparing care packages containing diapers, wipes, baby food, socks and a change of clothes and started going out on Search & Rescue with the Union Gospel Mission searching for the children.

That is when Babies of Homelessness was created. We strive to bring essential items directly to the children; no questions asked and no judgement. Our objective is to give the baby/child what they need. The hope is to raise awareness of their existence. Our mission does not stop there. We want to make sure Mom and Dad are connected with the many resources available to them to help them progress forward.

There are many homeless children, many who are housed in shelters with moms who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their children. But what about the families with infants and toddlers who literally have no home, with parents who are struggling to survive and can’t provide for their child? What about the children of drug-addicted parent(s) where sadly, the drug is the priority?! There are homeless adults who resist help or services offered to them for a variety of reasons, but their babies/children aren’t making that choice. They are truly the victims.

I wholeheartedly believe we are not placed on this earth to simply exist or survive but rather to make a difference, to be compassionate, to help our brothers and sisters who are struggling, and to look out for those who are vulnerable.

The goal of our organization is to raise awareness of these issues and to bring immediate essentials directly to the babies and small children found in homeless situations. Babies of Homelessness offers to connect the parent(s) to useful resources for additional support. The greater goal is to have a voice at the state legislature level raising awareness for the need of more safe housing options for these families, which will keep these babies off the streets and in safe living environments.

There are hungry, homeless and sometimes neglected BABIES out there, in our backyard!  There are parents struggling to care for their children, barely making it. We have to protect our children! We have to help others. We have to do something!

 Nothing brings me more happiness than helping the most vulnerable.

This is a goal and an essential part of my life.

Star Lalario