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What a whirlwind of messages, presents, compassion, excitement, tears, hugs, driving, wrapping and delivering! Whew!!
Many babies, children and families will have a brighter Christmas because of many of YOU!

You may recall when I first posted the Angel Tree wish list of the kiddos in the Everett emergency shelter. A huge shout-out THANK YOU to those angels who bought presents for these kiddos:
Sarah Ibarra
Milissa Guertin
Amber Renee
Kruti Gosalia
Peggi Bot






Then we were asked to call attention and rally supporters for a Mill Creek Mama who had no presents for her 6 and 11yr old girls. A huge shout-out THANK YOU to Tina Sorensen who offered to get that family taken care of! I’m not sure who all donated items to this family, but I am sincerely appreciative to those of you who did!

Thirdly, I was made aware of a homeless woman, Natalie, living in a tent with her 4 grandchildren. A huge shout-out THANK YOU to Sarah Wolverton who so graciously offered to adopted the entire family!










Then I was made aware of sweet Kaylee. A young homeless Mom who delivered Baby Jaxson yesterday and is staying in a hotel donated by the amazing women affiliated with Beautiful Soles! Kaylee, Baby Jaxson and his 2 siblings Ashleigh and Ryder have been showered with your donations love and support! A huge shout-out THANK YOU to a handful who I have personally been in communication, but I know there are more than who is named…. But please know, you are appreciated!
Joni Jobs Boness
Elisa Cooper
Denise Melton
Melissa Wagner
Rachael Stephens Gissell
Tawny Witters
Tina Kupferschmidt










I was then asked if we could help a mother who recently moved into YWCA transitional housing and had her home broken in to, stealing all the gifts. A huge shout-out THANK YOU to Denise Melton and Diana Rossner for getting gifts for 2 yr old Marilyn and 4yr old Alaina.










Many of you will remember my first BOH story of the young homeless Mom we found in Westlake Center at 12:30am during Search and Rescue with a 1yr old and 5yr old, who MORELove so graciously put them in a hotel that evening to get the kiddos off the street. Well I continue to reach out to this family and will continue to do so to ensure the babies are safe. A huge shout-out THANK YOU to Becky Phestaz for providing gifts for them.










In addition to these amazing angels who sponsored a child/family for Christmas, I continue to receive donations from you. This in invaluable! As people learn about this campaign and our mission to take essential items TO the kiddos, I get calls and texts with needs DAILY! 
Your donations allow me to make care packages and take needed items to the babies and children on the street, living in their car, in shelters, etc.
I cannot do this mission without you! So a HUGE shout-out THANK YOU to all those who take things to our drop-off locations or donate $ on our FundRazr page! To just name a few that I’m aware of (but I know there are MANY more!) THANK YOU:
Lilifer Hogg
Kristin Dibeh
Sarah Clifford Stralberg
Erin Chastin Matayoshi
Ladies of the Butterfly Effect Group
Rachel Horkin (when we can finally meet up)
Jennifer Leone

A huge shout-out THANK YOU to Sarrah Johnson for starting a FundRazr page, specifically for a storage unit! This is an essential need to move forward. And I am incredibly appreciative!

 I must now go focus on MY family… Until the next baby, of course! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 

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