The real victims of this epidemic

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As I was leaving a hotel where a homeless mom and three kids are blessed to be staying the next few nights, I spot this little boy, who appeared to be playing in an alley behind Hobby Lobby…. odd place for a child to play. So I drove around to inspect further and sure enough I see dad with what looked to be a cart of blankets and this little boy clearly homeless. I walk up and approach them and introduce myself and ask if he's homeless. He said yes, he and his son and then he pointed to what I thought was a cart, but was a stroller with a 3-month old little girl! Another daughter who was in Hobby Lobby using the restroom with the Mom. 
So of course, I immediately go into "rescue mode" and ask them what they need and commit to bringing them some immediate essentials, and food. I tell them as I'm looking for temporary shelter for 2 other families, I will look for them as well. 
I find out that they are on a waiting list for housing but about a month out. So they are roaming the streets, waiting! And hoping that they can get into an emergency shelter, like Mary's Place, for the night. But then they are right back out here the following day.

Our system is flawed. It isn't working. And very young babies are the victims of it! 
This has to change! 
This is my mission!  

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Kelly MacFawn · February 7, 2017 at 9:36 pm

I'm new to this website; is there an update on this family? I live in the general vicinity and am in that area a lot; I would like to help out in any way I could.

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