Another successful Kidz FUN Zone in the books!

Published by Star Lalario on

This is an ongoing monthly event, hosted by BOH held for children currently living in the emergency shelter. Every month we have a theme ranging from making crafts, decorating cookies, pajama party, movie night, karaoke party, etc.

Anything to take their mind off their current situation, stresses, fears and uncertainty. And where Mom can take a break and the children can act and feel like kids!

This month theme was Valentines! The kiddos decorated cookies and made Valentines for their loved ones and/or classmates.

This couldn't have been possible without my awesome volunteers:
Jessica Mayfield, Mingie Holland, Shanon McDonald Crawford, Brittney Kuna, Sheila and Brady Proctor-Long and Rachel Mekanik!
Thank you for volunteering your time, contributing the goodies and craft materials and most importantly loving on these children with me

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