THANK YOU shout-outs

Published by Star Lalario on

I feel terrible that I am behind on my THANK YOU shout-outs. SO here we go!!!

THANK YOU to Heather Alfaro for the tub and Samantha Lawrence for the car seat/stroller for Brittney, our pregnant Mamma due this month! I’ll be delivering to her this weekend!

THANK YOU to Ashley Mahlberg and Melissa Wagner for shipping the soy formula via Prime for our newborn!

THANK YOU to DeAnn Brooks for delivering food to our Waits Motel family!

THANK YOU to Elton Belts, Diane Paukstis and Julie Udy for their PayPal donations via the website

THANK YOU for the monetary donations from a couple of special Spokane families, the Glovers and Boultins! Your support across the state is amazing and sincerely appreciated!!

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