Baby Lily

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As a clear day turned into a cold night, UGM’s Search & Rescue pulled its LOVE van into the U-District parking lot behind Radio Shack.  To our surprise, we would meet the beautiful Lily wrapped in bright pink, heart-covered blanket.  Lily is 26-days-old.  Her sweet and loving parents are suffering from homelessness, and shelters have been unable to house the family as a unit, a common concern we hear from families and couples.  After a few phone calls back and forth between organizations, we find a spot for the whole family at shelter run by Mary’s Place!  Dad can’t help, but cry as he’s been spending a lot of time away from his two loves, and knows this is the first step, a big step.  With help from donors like you, and the relationships we build though our community BoH can help bring essential needs and emergency shelter to families just like this one. Here pictured is our BOH volunteer Sarah holding Lily with Mom.


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