Met with a family today at the Bellevue Library. Mom Kristina, and her 3 children are fleeing a very volatile domestic violence situation and are homeless. Mom is suffering from a chronic illness triggered by stress. So needless to say, she is not in good health right now.

She is currently working with the case manager and is likely to have more permanent housing available next week.

She has an amazing hotel rate opportunity in Redmond and I would love to try and accumulate… a weeks stay to ensure her health improvement and stability for the kids!

Our goal is to raise $350!! Could I get seven people to donate $50??
Anything will help!!!   

The priority is the motel stay, but in addition to that, she is actively looking for a job and asked that I push out her resume (which I am happy to email upon request). She has administrative experience as an employment specialist and a program manager. She has a BS in psychology.

She's an amazingly sweet, smart, strong and educated woman. She does not drink, do drugs or smoke.

Please help us support this amazing family as they have a long and difficult road ahead of them, but are still incredibly hopeful!

With sincere gratitude and appreciation always!!


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