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About Us

Mission & Vision
Babies of Homelessness was started in 2016 by Star Lalario to fill the basic needs gap. We are a volunteer-run non-profit organization, a crisis response team, bringing basic necessities to families with children experiencing homelessness in the Puget Sound.

Seattle is home to the world’s wealthiest yet ranks #3 for homelessness in the United States behind NYC and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, families with children experiencing homelessness are among the fastest growing population. Many parents are living only one paycheck away from homelessness.

We see in the news almost daily stories about the homeless living on the streets — but families with children experiencing homelessness, often invisible to the public eye, go uncovered, unnoticed. Although soaring rents and scarce affordable housing are leading factors, it is often the sharp change to an already precarious situation — a loss of a job, conflict with family members, illness, unanticipated bill or violence within the home — that leads to this situation.

While Seattle tackles homelessness at nearly every level, our approach is simple. We focus on something as fundamental as basic needs, but in many ways, we serve as the family’s best advocate to start new beginnings.