About Us

Mission & Vision
Babies of Homelessness is a non-profit organization, a crisis response team, bringing basic necessities to families with children experiencing homelessness in Seattle. Our goal is to remove the stigma “homelessness” carries, by shedding light on the hardest-to-reach and least visible segment of the homeless population.

What Makes Us Unique?

As a direct and low barrier service provider, our ability to deliver critical basic necessities within 48 hours is what makes us unique. We cut through the red tape, bureaucracy, waitlist and referral process to prioritize the needs of the child. Whatever your opinions are on homelessness, we believe no child should go without the basics.

Services We Provide

We provide 4 “emergency” basic necessities to families with children in need:

  1. Diapers/ Pull-Ups
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Non-expired formula
  4. Infant / Toddler Food and Snacks.