About Us

Babies of Homelessness is a crisis response team delivering basics to families.

Babies of Homelessness is a non-profit organization that serves in part as a crisis response team that delivers basics to families with children experiencing homelessness in the Puget Sound region.

Our goal is to remove the stigma “homelessness” carries by shedding light on the hardest-to-reach and least visible segment of the homelessness population: babies and children. Babies of Homelessness believes all children, regardless of who they are, where they live or socioeconomic class, deserve the basics. And we put that belief into practice.

Access to basic needs is perhaps the single most powerful tool for overcoming homelessness. Yet, families experiencing homelessness face an increasing number of barriers that prevent them from equitably accessing items such as diapers, formula, and food.

Babies of Homelessness is disrupting the nonprofit space as a direct service provider to families in need in two counties. If a child needs diapers, our volunteers will deliver to the family within 48 hours. No multiple rounds of intakes. No bureaucracy. No waitlist. No referral process. The needs of the child always come first.

Where We Work

We provide basic needs services to families with children experiencing homelessness in two counties. As we receive more funding and our organization scales with a paid staff, we hope to expand services to more families in need in Pierce and Snohomish counties; two counties where the need is especially high and very few resources exist.

We are volunteer-run 

Aside from one paid staff, our mission is run by a network of volunteers throughout the Puget Sound. We couldn’t do it without you.

We are low-barrier

We are accountable and transparent and true to our mission. We cut through the bureaucracy in order to always prioritize the needs of the child.
We are not a bandaid
While we may focus on something as fundamental as basic needs, in many ways, we are creating new beginnings for the families we serve.