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It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude Babies of Homelessness announces Star LaLario has stepped down as president of the board of directors. Star, who founded Babies of Homelessness in 2016, will remain in an advisory role to the board and of course, as a committed volunteer and ambassador.

Star has guided the board as Babies of Homelessness has grown to more than 55 volunteers, delivered tens of thousands of diapers, and served more than 1,500 children this year.

Star was instrumental in:

  • Hiring paid staff to support the mission.
  • Procuring our delivery van to bring basic needs to local agencies in two counties.
  • Increasing our revenue by leveraging her community network.
  • Working with the local media to promote Babies of Homelessness and its mission.
  • Initiating the first-ever emergency shelter children’s program in Snohomish called “Kidz Fun Zone” where parents could take a break and give their children an opportunity to play.

“Since the very moment in Oct. 2016, I had this crazy idea to ‘do something,’ my journey has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and gratitude,” says Star. “However, I have decided to step down as President and needing to focus on my family and personal health right now.  I am incredibly proud of the team we have built and the positive impact we are having in our communities. I could not have grown Babies of Homelessness to what it is today without the wonderful and unfailing support of our executive team and the dedication of our 50+ volunteers over the last 4 years. The longevity of our team is testimony to your loyalty and dedication to BOH and its mission, and I’m so appreciative for that. I remain deeply committed to BOH for the long term, and will remain actively involved as a board member, Founder, and volunteer.”

We cannot thank Star enough for her dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and motivation she has given Babies of Homelessness for the past 4 years.

Angela Harmon has been elected as the president and is looking forward to implementing Star’s vision of Babies of Homelessness in the future.

Angela Harmon has been a volunteer for Babies of Homelessness since its inception. When she met Star and learned about her mission, she knew she had to join her cause. Angela works at Northwest Pianos, is a mother of two daughters, enjoys music, running, hiking, and being in the outdoors. Volunteering with Babies of Homelessness has been a meaningful experience for Angela.

“As a mother, the thought of not being able to provide safe, warm shelter, food, or diapers for my children is heartbreaking. Being a part of Babies of Homelessness has opened my heart and eyes to a problem that is so often hidden. The stories we hear from the families we serve about their circumstances and how they became homeless fuels my desire and passion to help. Our families are in crisis and if we can assist in providing the basics, they can focus on improving their circumstances. One child at a time, we are making a difference,” says Angela.

To read more about Star and the founding of Babies of Homelessness, please visit our website at:

Babies of Homelessness is a nonprofit crisis response team that delivers basics needs (diapers, wipes, formula) to families with children experiencing homelessness in the Puget Sound region. Our volunteer network operates a 24/7 phone line to assess needs and then deliver basic necessities within 72 hours. No multiple rounds of intakes. No waitlist. No red tape. No referral process. The children’s needs are always our top priority.


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