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Babies of Homelessness is still operating during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak because the needs of babies and toddlers facing homelessness do not stop. We are operating as safely we can using guidelines issued by local and federal authorities. Babies of Homelessness has reduced our Outreach Volunteer Team to two people — a driver and a navigator. We have a strict no contact policy and we are using protective gear, providing diapers in cardboard boxes versus using reusable tubs.

It’s been a delicate balance between precaution and servitude. This is not our preferred model of course. During our years as an organization, we have developed relationships with many of our families and watched them as they go through the process to gain housing. Our personal touch makes us unique.

Not only are we delivering to families, we are also stepping up and helping our partner agencies who are currently housing families with children.

“Babies of Homelessness has been a huge help in supporting parents in their reunification efforts. Often at the outset of their dependency case, parents are struggling with meeting basic needs due to the issues that brought them to the attention of CPS. This is a Catch-22 for them because they are being assessed as to whether they can provide for their child(ren) but because of the issues faced due to poverty and substance use disorder, that is really setting CPS-involved parents up for failure. They need some time to get stable. This is where the donations from Babies of Homelessness really help while they get on their feet.  

And for other families who are trying to prevent their child from being removed from their care, but are not yet stable, these donations have been a lifeline.  Thanks again. We so appreciate your support of our program and the families we are assisting.”

  • Karen, United Way Partner

“Babies of Homelessness has been very supportive and helpful to our families here at Interfaith Family Shelter. We have a total of 11 families that we serve with small children and infants. Diapers, wipes, and formula have been a big demand and Babies of Homelessness has been so supportive providing these much-needed items. We really appreciate all their help and support!” 

  • Veronika, Case Manager, Interfaith Family Shelter

In order to keep going, we need your help. We are holding a 30-day Donation Drive to ensure that we have several months’ worth of supplies to serve our existing families and partners. This does not take in account of the number of new organizations we are reaching out to tell them we can provide assistance and we are ready to help them fill the basic needs gap.

As Amazon and other retailers struggle to maintain inventory, we are continuing to look for ways to meet our mission, including contacting diaper manufactures directly, working with sourcing partners like Eastside Baby Corner and thinking outside the box.

One of our biggest sources of support is YOU.  Financial donations, even of $10 make a huge difference and if you do find even 1 can of formula or 1 box of diapers, we can use them.  Every little bit makes a big difference.

Ways to Donate

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser
Having a birthday this month? Create a birthday fundraiser by following the steps on Facebook’s Fundraiser page. If it is not your birthday, start a general fundraiser for the next 30 days using your Facebook account.

Text to Donate $10
Text GIVEBASICS to 44-321 to donate

Donate Via Website

Online via Target Registry List
As of 3/17, Target still had items available for shipping.

Online via Amazon Wish List
These items go directly to Babies of Homelessness and the families we serve. Even donating one item helps!


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