Founder’s Story

Committed to addressing the basic needs gap for families in Puget Sound region.

Delivering basic needs to families without waitlists or referrals

In 2016, a news story emerged about a 2-year-old girl found at a homeless encampment eating old doughnuts off the ground, with a soiled diaper and fungus-infected toenails. When Star Lalario heard the story on a popular radio show, she became enraged and questioned: “How can young children who are incapable of protecting themselves walk out of an unsafe area and seek help?”

During that time, Star had been volunteering with Union Gospel Mission where over time, she met more and more families with small children unsheltered and living out in the elements. The UGM van was stocked with basics for adult individuals, but there was nothing for families with small children.

As a child in and out of homeless shelters growing up, she felt compelled to do something. She rallied her closest friends and family and from the floor of her living room, they assembled diaper and basic care packages.

Word quickly spread in the community of a woman who would deliver diapers and other essentials faster than any social service was able to do. Neighbors started dropping off donations on Star’s doorstep. Community members called her anytime they saw a family in need. 

Witnessing how great the need was, in 2016, Star formed the organization’s first board and volunteer team. Monthly, the core team recruited, trained, equipped, and managed volunteers to sustain the mission and continue serving families throughout two counties.

Today, Star is an active and dedicated advisor to the board, volunteer and ambassador.

Since the very moment in October 2016 when I had this crazy idea to ‘do something,’ my journey has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and gratitude. I am incredibly proud of the team we have built and the positive impact we are having in our communities. I could not have grown Babies of Homelessness to what it is today without the wonderful and unfailing support of our executive team and the dedication of our 50+ volunteers over the last 4 years. The longevity of our team is a testimony to your loyalty and dedication to BOH and its mission, and I’m so appreciative of that.”