Hope Gala 2023

Save the Date!
Join us for Babies of Homelessness’ 6th Anniversary HOPE Gala on Friday, April 21 at 415 Westlake. This will be a time for us to join together as a community and celebrate our accomplishments and raise critical funds to support children in need. 

It is estimated that 39,200 children under the age of six live in poverty in King County. More significant than food security, say parents, is finding a way to provide enough diapers for their children. To diaper all children living in poverty in King County would cost 10s of millions of dollars each year. That is a lot of diapers!

Babies of Homelessness (BoH) is one of three officially recognized diaper banks in this area, and we know not one organization can support the ongoing financial cost alone. This massive public health issue requires coordinated efforts by nonprofits, government agencies, and YOU.

Even though state-funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) households – families with children under three – will receive an increase of $100 per month to help with diapers, the program has limited reach. That $100 covers diapers for 1 child; but about half the families we serve have 2 or more children requiring diapers. Unlike other essentials like food, shelter, and medicine, few people realize that no federal assistance programs provide diaper assistance to families, including ‘food stamps,’ Medicaid, or housing vouchers.

Some lawmakers do not even recognize diapers as a basic need, as evidenced by diapers being taxed in Washington state.

Since 2016, Babies of Homelessness has served more than 8,300 children by delivering diapers, formula, and wipes to families in need. As prices for essentials skyrocket, the demand for our services grows

We have identified 21 human service agencies currently not receiving diapers from any other diaper bank. Unhoused families living in shelters, cars, or motels or who now live in subsidized housing, need diaper support and diapers every day. We want to serve these kids, and we know you want to help, too.

With your support, we can deliver even more HOPE to families!