DONATION NEEDS- these are the primary needs and items we try to supply in emergency/crisis situations:

  • Diapers/ Pull-Ups (all sizes welcome but we go through sizes 4, 5 and 6 most frequently!)
  • Non-expired formula (most brand commonly requested is Similac)
  • Baby wipes
  • Clothing gift cards (primarily used for underwear and sock needs)
  • Grocery/Restaurant gift cards
  • Gas cards
  • Hotel/AirBnB credits


If you are looking to donate items outside the list above (such as clothing, toys, strollers, shoes, blankets, highchairs, etc.) please consider donating to Eastside Baby Corner. EBC works directly with organizations like BOH, case managers and advocates for families experiencing homelessness or severe poverty. We utilize EBC to provide requested items that we are not capable of storing in our storage units. By donating to organizations Eastside Baby Corner, you can be assured your items go to families in needs.



If convenient, you can order/ship directly to us! Shipping address:

Babies Of Homelessness

PO Box 147 Bothell WA 98041