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COVID-19 has caused significant hardships for millions of families, making impossible choices between affording rent, food or diapers. To humanize the struggle, we’re passing the mic and letting families facing hardship share their own stories.

Meet Paige. For two years, she’s been in a recovery and drug treatment parent and child program. She’s making huge strides and got herself and boy into safe housing. She’s grateful for her case manager for being a strong advocate and to Babies of Homelessness for the ongoing supply of diapers which has helped her focus on big picture things like housing and a union job with benefits.

Paige dabbled with alcohol and prescription drugs then meth and heroin later in life. After finding out she was pregnant, she attempted to go to detox and quit, but the struggle to sobriety was a lot harder than she imagined. It wasn’t until the thought of losing her boy, hitting rock bottom, that she knew something had to change:

“They told me I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed him, that I was not taking my baby home, and that he would live with someone else. That was a big, big, big kick, you know!? Every three hours for two months, I pumped milk and passed it off to his temporary foster mom because getting my boy back was my top priority. It was hard work and a real struggle, but I got Kash back and nursed him with my milk. The thought of losing my son was my motivation to recovery. The best day using isn’t even close to as good as my worst day sober. I wouldn’t give away everything I’ve worked so hard for and wake up genuinely happy for something that will ruin and take away everything. Kash’s love and smiles and kisses are priceless, and no substance could ever bring me as much joy as being a mom. Living an everyday and healthy life with my son and the start to getting my daughter back is all that matters to me.”

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