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For families who meet our eligibility criteria and are within our service area (no farther south of Renton or north of Everett), they can call our emergency number managed by our volunteer intake team. The family completes a brief intake process and places an order. Automated emails are sent to our storage and outreach committees. The storage team fulfills the request by pulling items from our two Bellevue storage units and then passing off the order to the outreach delivery driver who then makes the delivery. In the past 12 months, our outreach team has made 372 deliveries throughout two counties. This method allows us to identify and serve the most vulnerable of families experiencing homelessness; families disconnected from the case management system, living in their cars or tent cities or encampments or couch-surfing.

Since July 2019, twice a month, a small outreach team takes the Babies of Homelessness van and distributes one month’s worth of inventory to partners on the Eastside, Seattle and in Everett. Some of these partners include: New Bethlehem Day Center and Lake Washington Methodist Safe Park in Kirkland, Sacred Heart, Hope Place, True Hope Tiny Villages, Nickelsville and Othello Village in Seattle, Edmonds Safe Park in Lynnwood and Interfaith Family Shelter and Safe Park, Domestic Violence Services, Homeward House, Housing Hope in Everett.


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