At Babies of Homelessness, we use public donations to directly fund basic needs projects for families with children in need and are working to show impact from every project.


Our crisis response team delivers basic necessities within 48 hours to families with children living in cars/RVs, tent cities and homeless encampments, and shelters in two counties. To date, we have served nearly 2500+ families.

Kidz Fun Zone

Ongoing monthly event held for parents and children to alleviate the fear, stress, and struggles of living at an emergency homeless shelter. To date,144 volunteers have hosted the event since 2016 for 250 kids.


Event to ease the heavy financial burden that back-to-school shopping creates for low income and homeless families. For the past 2 years, through the Back2School event, 230+ volunteers have equipped 1000 students for success in school.


Each holiday, we invite community members to join us in giving families in need a true reason to celebrate the season by hosting a toy drive. The past 2 years, volunteers and donors brightened the holidays for over 124 families.