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Our Work

As a direct and low barrier service, our ability to meet the needs of our clients, without the waitlist and the red tape makes us one of a kind.

We go to wherever the families are currently living, in their cars, in tent cities, or shelters and we will deliver basic necessities within 48 hours. Because the needs of the children are real, their requests urgent.

We know that if parents don’t have to worry about the basics, they can better nurture their children. We play a small part in helping homeless children who have no say in their circumstances.

Scope of Services:

We provide 4 “emergency” basic necessities to families with children in need, ages 0 to 8 in King County and Everett:

  1. Diapers/ Pull-Ups
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Non-expired formula
  4. Infant / Toddler Food and Snacks

For other needed items such as clothing, strollers and cribs, we partner with Eastside Baby Corner and will deliver these items.