When you volunteer through Babies of Homelessness, you’re joining over 60 individuals who are giving back in the community. Use your time and talent to create social change where you work or live —join our community of changemakers.

What We Do

Four volunteer women sit at a table with a babies of homelessness banner behind them and promotional materials on the table.

We Organize

Our volunteers are part of a grassroots movement where many of us saw a need and acted. We host meet-ups, talk to community groups, and recruit neighbors to inspire change and take action.

Plastic boxes full of diapers and other necessities stocked up in the back of the babies of homelessness van. Two volunteer women stand behind them.

We Lead

Because many of us are not trained social workers, we learn, train and empower our grassroots volunteers with issue and skill-based training. We provide you with the resources and training you need to translate your passion into action.

Two volunteer women wearing babies of homelessness t-shirts pose for the photo.

We Advocate

Our volunteers are learning how to make their voices heard in Olympia. We know that ending family homelessness starts with writing letters, making phone calls, meeting with elected officials in their offices, and advocating for our families. We show up for families when an injustice has been made.

Join the Team

Volunteer Application

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All applicants will go through a background check.  If you prefer not to give you consent, this form will not be processed.

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