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Dear Babies of Homelessness family:

To families we serve: 

Whatever the circumstances that occurred that placed your family in a situation where you need to couch surf, live in your car, move into a temporary shelter, or live in an encampment or tiny home, we see you, will look out for you and will continue to provide you with basic needs.

As the pandemic continues to play out we know that you have been affected by the virus with added concerns around assessing health care, virus testing, getting enough food and essentials, having the ability to clean your clothes, and accessing clean water.

If you are a family facing homelessness in King County or Everett, call us at (866) 442-6443.

As an organization, we know that we do not solve all or even many of the problems that you are facing. But we know we have to start somewhere and want you to know that your child’s need is always our priority.

To our community:

  • We know that families affected by poverty in communities of color are disproportionally affected. We stand with our brothers and sisters as they are being heard.

  • We will always advocate for children and families facing homelessness.

  • The need for food and diapers for a baby does not discriminate, neither do we.

Our commitment: 

  • We continue to decenter what has traditionally been a white-centered space for many nonprofits in this sector.

  • We will recruit highly skilled individuals who reflect the values and communities of the communities we serve.

  • We are taking time for quiet and mindful internal discussions.

  • We will continue with board, staff, and volunteer training in implicit bias and unpacking racism 101.

  • We will continue fostering a safe space for everyone on our team to express themselves and be themselves.

To all the people out there seeking social justice and racial justice, we stand in unity with you and with those in our community who wish to do the same.

In solidarity,

The staff, board, and volunteers of Babies of Homelessness

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