Our Impact

We’ve improved the lives of thousands – but there’s much more work to do.

From this year alone, we have increased the number of diapers by 309%, demonstrating our ability to meet the growing need.

As thousands of families with children continue to face homelessness, your donations are making an impact. Your donations are making an impact every day because we answer our crisis line and deliver basic needs to families moving from place to place or finding themselves sleeping in places not meant for housing. Babies of Homelessness is dependent on local community support and engagement. Thank you for being a changemaker.

Please check out our ActiveVoice series to hear what families we have served say about their own experiences and how Babies of Homelessness has helped. We are honored to be able to contribute to our community and know we could not do what we do without you.

Our Significant Milestones

After converting our part-time staff to full-time, we were able to provide basics to 4,957 children experiencing homelessness and/or on the verge of homelessness in King and Snohomish counties.

Babies of Homelessness invests in two part-time staff, a Program Manager and an Outreach Navigator, to scale our mission.

United Way invests $43,000 in Babies of Homelessness to expand basic needs services to partners in Snohomish county.

Through your generous donations, we were able to purchase our first van. We travel between 50 and 150 miles each delivery route dispensing basic necessities to those in need. Having a van allows us to serve more families every time we hit the road. Our goal is to add more vans and delivery routes as needed. 

As we are growing, we need more and more space. We house thousands of diapers and cans of formula. Recently, we moved to a larger storage facility. As we expand our delivery services to Pierce and further into Snohomish counties, we will continue to add more space.

We were excited to hire Brittan Stockert, a tireless Executive Director, to help lead us into the future. We are looking to add a small number of staff to meet the needs of our community and to help Babies of Homelessness grow.

With generous support from Slalom Consulting and Salesforce.com (SFDC), we launched a new CRM system to help us manage our vital Intake and Outreach programs. We are currently working with SFDC to create a volunteer management application.