Our Stories

Everyone has a story to share.

Our time working directly with families gives us a firsthand view of what it’s like to go without the basics. The mothers, children, and families that we meet inspire our ideas and, oftentimes, solutions. Rather than have the stories come from us, we asked our extended BOH family to share their stories.

  • Babies of Homelessness is one of the best agencies out there. They have helped our daughter with so many needs when we were homeless, and I’m forever grateful. If you’re a family experiencing homelessness, please reach out to this wonderful group of volunteers.
  • I wish there were more agencies like Babies of Homelessness, but there is not because BOH is one of a kind. Your team has given me hope and taken so much stress away.

We could not do what we do without the help of sponsors, donors and volunteers.

I am a mom and a daycare provider. Being a mom, I can’t imagine the additional stress and worry a homeless mom must have. Now that my girls are older, I have the time to make a difference in someone else’s life. Helping others brings me fulfillment and joy!"
For lack of a better word, helping BOH is a no-brainer. I help with an organizational piece at the moment, but we all work together to make the lives of these children and their families better. You could not find a better group of volunteers for a more worthy cause.
I stay with BOH because it provides a truly essential service to those with a great need -babies and I enjoy all the other volunteers I work with and know.
BOH is there for families experiencing major stress in their lives. It’s rewarding to know I’ve been able to help them out in some way, to provide basics for innocent babies and young children. To hopefully allow parents time to focus on other necessities.
I see the problem BOH works so hard to combat every day, and the individual focus of the program on mothers and their babies made me want to be apart of it and continue to work towards providing for these families and this organization!
Portrait of Dawn who is a babies of homelessness volunteer. I volunteer with BoH because I know firsthand how easy it is for a family to be homeless. Several of my family members have been there at various times. They don’t need pity or judgment, just practical help to meet basic needs —one less thing to worry about — and that’s what BoH does.
Portrait of family where mom and dad are wearing sunglasses and baby has a sun hat on.Babies of Homelessness’ mission struck me when we were pregnant with our second child. I was broken-hearted with the fact that so many of our community’s most vulnerable children are suffering from something as simple as basic needs. Working in real estate, I always mention BoH in every class I teach and spread awareness to my clients of an issue that exists in our very own community.
Portrait of a woman and a toddler. They are looking at the user/reader and both are smiling.Babies of Homelessness brings a personal face to the homelessness crisis in our community and builds awareness about the under-reported, underserved homeless children in our neighborhoods. I believe in their hyperlocal mission and trust in their stewardship to fill the gap in services for our most vulnerable neighbors. I know where my donations go and what they go towards and as a parent, I know how necessary these donations are. I'm proud of the work BoH does to support families in our community.
A man looks at the water with the sun setting on the background. For me, this is an important and personal part of my life. We need to help each other become better so it’s a win-win situation. I help families in need and they help me to be a more harmonized and happy. When I see how families change and react after receiving basics for their children-when they light up and smile-I’m changing with them.
“I really believe in what you're doing...children don't ask to be brought into this world and they shouldn't suffer because they are. I think it's every adult's responsibility to help alleviate their suffering wherever they can. Your organization is doing it the best way possible...not discriminating because of the parents’ situation, etc. You're just there to help the children and make their life a little bit better...no questions asked. Too bad more organizations can't follow that simple philosophy.”
When I heard about Babies of Homelessness, it really touched my heart and I wanted to help. It hit me that just a $1 a day (a $30 per month recurring contribution) could make a huge difference in the lives of these innocent little ones. So in less than 5 minutes, I was able to set up a monthly recurring donation. Honestly, I feel like I'm the one being rewarded. My monthly donation is like helping them take a 'baby step' to a better future.
My husband Craig and I have decided to financially support Babies of Homelessness for several reasons. First, God has blessed us with so much in our lives, and we feel strongly that we want to share those blessings with others. Second, we believe stability and getting off to a good start in life is critical. Babies of Homelessness helps at a time when those in need are extremely vulnerable and they do so right in our community. Also, almost 20 years ago my husband lost his job for about 18 months and it was only because of the help of our family that we did not lose our house. We had 2 small boys, 1 and 3 years old at the time, so we can only imagine what it is like to lose everything and not have a safe place to call home, especially with precious little ones as part of the family. We appreciate and are impressed with all the services Babies of Homelessness provides to our community. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless their efforts and the families they are trying to help.