Our Team

Babies of Homelessness is led by a team of passionate and devoted individuals who work tirelessly for the mission. Get to know them here.

  • Star Lalario
    Star LalarioFounder / Chair

    Star founded Babies of Homelessness in 2016 and built an amazing team of volunteers to assist in implementing her vision. Outside of BoH, she works full-time as a Realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty.

    Star is a mother of two boys, Jayden (20 years old) and Dominic (10 years old) and wife to Christian. As a family, they enjoy doing anything outdoors: camping, hiking, and BBQing. 


  • Angela Harmon
    Angela HarmonVice Chair

    Angela has been a volunteer for Babies of Homelessness since its beginning. When she met Star and learned about her mission, she knew she had to join her cause. She works at Northwest Pianos, is a mother of two daughters, enjoys music, running, hiking and being in the outdoors.

    Volunteering with Babies of Homelessness has been a meaningful experience for Angela:“As a mother, the thought of not being able to provide safe, warm shelter, food or diapers for my children is heartbreaking. Being a part of Babies of Homelessness has opened my heart and eyes to a problem that is so often hidden. The stories we hear from the families we serve about their circumstances and how they became homeless fuels my desire and passion to help. Our families are in crisis and if we can assist in providing the basics they can focus on improving their circumstances. One child at a time, we are making a difference.” 

  • Emily O’Hara
    Emily O’HaraSecretary
    Emily is a community-based and international development professional with seven years of combined experience across the public, private, and third sectors. She is passionate about cross-sector collaboration for social impact. Her functional specializations include project management, program coordination, business development, operations, communications, and reporting/monitoring and evaluation (M&E). She enjoys writing, activism, art/music, cooking, running, and being outside.
  • Timmy Woods
    Timmy WoodsTreasurer

    Timmy is a 20+ year transplant from Ireland to Washington state. He is an FCCA (equivalent to a CPA) and is in love with all things math. OK, perhaps not in love, but he’s proud of his intimate relationship with numbers. He volunteers with BoH because he believes that the circumstances that one is either born into or come into later in life should not dictate one’s whole life experience. We must work to lift those around us up and out of their circumstances, no matter the reason why they came to be in those circumstances.

  • Deanna Powell
    Deanna PowellBoard Director/Community Development

    Deanna was born in a small town in Northern California, Placerville, and moved to Seattle/Bellevue at age 10, and has lived here for 30+ years. She has spent most of her career over the last 23+ years in the real estate and mortgage industry, but her true passion is giving back to those in need.

    She began her passion for volunteering in high school with several trips to Mexico to build houses in villages just outside Tijuana. She has since traveled to several different countries with different mission projects including Agros International in Guatemala, and another 7 projects helping women and children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    Deanna is involved with over 30 non-profits in the Seattle area and most recently joined the board of Babies of Homelessness as the Community Involvement Chair, which encourages local businesses to join BOH in support by either fundraising or volunteering.

    Deanna loves to volunteer for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because she experienced homelessness during the recession of 2009 and had to use some of the resources she now helps others to navigate and lean on to get back on their feet. She has first-hand experience of the situations facing many of the people we serve, and that is why she is such an asset and an advocate for Babies of Homelessness.

  • David T. Wilson
      David T. WilsonBoard Director

      With over 20 years as a HR professional, spanning several Fortune ranked companies, David has skillfully blended his traditional and non-traditional background to partner with and empower the workforce to perform at their highest level. He is currently at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

      David has been practicing hot vinyasa yoga since 2006 and was certified to teach in 2010. A dedicated student and community builder at heart, David hosts yoga charity events to raise money for organizations like Mary’s Place, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Bellevue LifeSpring, to name a few.

      More than his training and dedication to yoga, David loves being in service of people. Born in Chicago, Illinois, educated at both Florida A&M and George Washington University, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, he is the father of two children, David, II (age 16) and Nadia (age 12).

    • Cindy Kitts
      Cindy KittsBoard Director/Marketing

      Cindy is a long-time Washington resident and happily retired from the corporate world.  She joined Babies of Homelessness in 2018 and has found the experience rewarding. She was recently elected to join the Board of Directors and continues on in her role as Director of Marketing. She says, “Volunteering at Babies of Homelessness gives me an opportunity to change people’s lives, including my own.”


    • Brittan Stockert
      Brittan StockertExecutive Director

      Britt is a startup enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit, having more than a decade’s experience in organizational development, leadership, operations, client relationship building, and marketing. Except for her time in the United States Air Force, she’s spent most of her career helping visionaries in resource-constrained environments transfer their visions to reality.

      She’s worked with fair trade jewelers at a social enterprise in Guatemala, formed an international NGO focused on housing & education services for vulnerable children, and today is committed to raising awareness about family homelessness.

      Growing up in a low-income working family—which included brief experience with homelessness—today, she’s using her privilege to amplify the voices of those experiencing homelessness.

    • Katie Forrest
      Katie ForrestProgram Manager

      Katie joined the Babies of Homelessness team in 2017 as an Intake Volunteer, then served as a Committee Chair and as a Board Member. She is now the Program Manager, overseeing the Intake and Outreach programs. As an educator for several years and a mother of two daughters, Katie has always had a passion for advocating for families and children. This is what originally brought her to Babies of Homelessness, but the importance of the mission and the families we serve have only added to her dedication to the organization over the years.

    • Rosa Elings
      Rosa ElingsInventory Specialist/Outreach Navigator

      Rosa has been a mother and a childcare provider for over 22 years. Now that her own children are older, she has the time to make a difference in other children’s lives. Helping others, especially children, brings her fulfillment and joy!

      Rosa has volunteered for Babies of Homelessness for several years and is now thrilled to be an employee. As the Outreach Navigator, she looks forward to helping the organization grow, therefore helping to reach even more children.